“First time going to a vet. This experience was amazing. The staff was professional and very helpful. I took two kittens for services and they are doing great. I was a nervous wreck since I dropped them off, I got there today and I was blown away. I would highly recommend this place to anyone.”

– Devan H., Facebook

“They got my pup in same day, within a couple hours, and prescribed him with medicine and the cone of shame. Fixed him right up! Did not try to push unnecessary products and services down our throats and were very professional and personable. This place cares about the animals, not how much money they can squeeze out of you like some of the “animal hospitals” I’m sure y’all are familiar with.”

– Ryan L., Google

“cook veterinary practice is as good as it gets—and the beauty of it is that she and her team are within an average person`s budget. a visit to her clinic will not send you into `sticker shock`.”

– Ardith E., Yelp

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“Our cat got in a fight and his belly was huge and abscessed severely, as well as a 104 fever that caused him to not eat willingly, for 8 days. They were able to get him in same day and the bill was SO much less than the other quotes I had gotten in town. He was back to his old self as soon as we got home and was searching the house for his food! The staff was so friendly and informative and didn’t nickel and dime us at all, you can tell they’re in business for the fur babies! We will be bringing our other animals here from now on, as well as recommending them to friends and family!”

– Tanner S., Facebook

“Excellent! Highly recommend! We were traveling through Rapid City and our puppy got two deep cuts on his front leg while playing near the RV park where we were staying and was in a lot of pain. I called FIVE vet clinics at 3 pm on a Tuesday and all were booked solid til closing time. Cook Vet clinic got us right in and had his wounds stitched up by 4:30 pm. Best part: Dr. Vicky Acosta allowed us to hold him while she sedated him in the exam room before performing the procedure. We were so relieved to be able to comfort him and pet him until he was asleep. 20 minutes later he was awake again with several good looking sutures on his wounds. Next morning he bounded out of bed saying “Stitches? What stitches? Let’s play!” The cost was $177 for procedure, antibiotics, pain medicine and plastic collar. Big plus: you’re not paying for a glamorous fancy building, just great service and loving care from everyone who works there.”

– Emily F., Google

“Last summer, we became the owners of a surprise puppy, and this little dog has been nothing but trouble – demodex mange, entropion, a sensitive digestive system, not to mention she’s a relentless little scavenger. Cook Clinic has been there every step of the way. They are skilled, compassionate, and reasonably priced. I thank my lucky stars we found them. Sometimes I think this dog gets into trouble on purpose just so she can go see all her friends at the vet. Plus, they have peanut butter.”

– Samantha C., Yelp